Monday, April 28, 2014

In the Dungeon: Overview

Hey, it's been a while right? well I've been so busy trying to improve my-self and get out of this dungeon, but I will try to update you, ok?

hmmm, how can I start? I want to tell you all the stories that's been happening the past few days ( 1 and half year, I suppose) let me start this when I graduated from the academy. Of course every person want to serve in the castle, my classmates, including my best friend, luckily got enter at one of the most famous castle in the land. She serve there as a drafter I think. Oh yeah, half of them has been accepted with different tasks. But me, and my other 4 batch mates, was thrown in the dungeon. We're not Criminals of course, we come there for work!. Anyway, we are divided to different departments, the drafting, the promoting, the selecting, and last the configuration. I ended in the configuration group, 2 in the drafting, 1 to the promoting department and 1 for the Selecting department. 2 of them ( from promoting and selecting) has been set free and goes to the famous castle where my best friend is working. Lucky are'nt they? And as for me, I'm still gathering experiences for when the time comes I will be move to the famous castle in the whole land. (hopefully). So that's it for now, an Overview to my story, I will go onto details when my supervisor is not around, so Chow, until next time.

 I promise I will stop by!

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